TRaiCE: the Early Warning System for Business Lenders

TRaiCE’s augmented intelligence system transforms your flawed and inefficient portfolio management system into an efficient, data driven operation that monitors your customers, reduces risk, and saves your bottom line.

Let’s face it: portfolio management is inefficient and costly.

Most of your time, effort, and budget goes into sourcing and underwriting new clients, but you still lose hundreds of thousands or millions in defaulted loans annually.

And that was before the global crisis.
In today’s world, you need real-time insights to manage your client portfolio and mitigate your risk of losses.

TRaiCE Transforms Flawed Portfolio Monitoring Systems


Portfolio management at a glance

TRaiCE has a user-friendly dashboard that provides clear visuals and calculations of key measures such as the Probability of Loss, Expected Loss, and Risk Grade over your entire client portfolio.


Eliminate speculation on loan default risk

TRaiCE uses a proprietary self-learning algorithm synthesizes trillions of macro and microdata points to calculate individual client risk. No more hours of poring over data to monitor potential risk.


Real-time insights to drive your decisions

TRaiCE prepares a daily report with prioritized alerts and actionable suggestions to handle each client. Now, you can make informed, immediate decisions about automatic renewal, allowance calculations, and covenant monitoring. These faster decisions help you provide a better customer experience.


Augments the data you already have

Rather than replacing data, TRaiCE supplements the data you already have, allowing for the aggregate analysis of past trends and accurate prediction of future losses.


In early trials reviewing less than 10% of a bank’s customers,

TRaiCE is able to demonstrate how more than half of that bank’s future losses could be mitigated.

Imagine what TRaiCE could do for your bank.

We’re offering a free 90-day trial to select financial institutions.

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