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Menerva Software’s social media analytics solutions enable social media networks and social content sites to provide their users with more relevant and meaningful connections. It also maximizes the relevance of delivered content by using data to recommend content that has similarities between users and the contents of the posts.

Use Cases for Social Media

Relevant Content

AI engine that recommends content (posts) to users based on recency, the frequency of activity and relevance of posts using both similarities between users and the contents of the posts.

User Acquisition and Retention

Acquire more users, engage existing ones with more relevant activity.

Meaningful Connections

Make relevant & meaningful network connection recommendations.

Common Industry Challenges

Business Goal - Maximize Relevance of Delivered Content

Focus: Relevant Content

Key Business Questions

  • How can we identify what type of content achieves high relevance scores measured in terms of recency and frequency of activity?
  • How can we identify correlations between user segments in the network and content categories and measure relevance based on user segment characteristics, activity related to clicking, time spent on content, casual perusal and distribution to others in the network, privately or publicly?
  • How can we identify ways to measure relevance from user behavior and interaction with the content?

Problems Addressed by Data

  • Recommends the most relevant content that can be presented to users on your platform.

Explore how our data processing and insights solutions can help you provide your users with more relevant and engaging content.

Business Goal - User Adoption

Focus: User Acquisition and Retention

Key Business Questions

  • Who is our user? What kinds of users prefer our platform and what are the primary drivers for them to be here?
  • Is the platform serving its purpose and engaging with the user to help them achieve their requirements from the platform?
  • Are there synergies we can gain from social media platforms and other publicly available discussion forums to tell how our platform is being perceived publicly and what we can do to address any gaps preventing user adoption?

Problems Addressed by Data

  • The lifeline of a commercial social media platform is its user base and how active the users are. Informs if this activity is happening at the expected rate. If not, what can be done to improve it?

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Business Goal - Generating Meaningful Network Connections

Focus: Meaningful Connections

Key Business Questions

  • What are some key user groups that are the most active in the system? How do they collaborate?
  • What makes a group participate cohesively within the system? Are there similar connections that are meaningful and useful which could be recommended to the group?
  • For a given user, which are the other similar users this user can connect with? Would that be a mutually beneficial connection? How can this be assessed before suggesting recommendations to the user?

Problems Addressed by Data

  • New connections can be suggested to a user that will benefit him.
  • Information on how a user can be enabled to grow their network optimally.

Explore how our data processing and insights solutions can help you help your users to build more meaningful network connections.

Case Studies

AI Engine for generating personalized content and recommendations

A commercial social media platform needed to implement an AI-driven recommendation engine that generated better or more relevant content for its users. This case study discusses how Menerva implemented an AI engine that automated the generation of recommendation periodically taking into account factors such as content recency, the frequency of access and other factors.
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