Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Customized Data Management Services and Solutions

Are you looking for data management services for your organization?

It does not matter what kind of business you are or how big a company you are; you’ve got some essential data relevant to your business in a lot of different places.

Now, do you know, which of this data is critical to your business? How can it be accessed when you want it and if it is accurate, recent, legible and complete? Can this data be quickly pulled out in the desired format and is it adaptable to changes?

Most of all is your data ready to support business analytics?

If the list of questions above leaves you rattled or unsure, then your organization needs data management solutions. 

No matter what kind of data you have, big data or small data or how many different data sources you have, our data management services can help you manage the full data lifecycle of your organization. From collecting, authenticating, storing, protecting, and processing the required data to ensuring that this data is reliable and is accessible on time to derive insights by its end users

Menerva Software will help you manage your data better by setting up a unified, consolidated and complete view of your entire data sources, also referred to as a single source of truth.

We can help manage your data with

Data Masking or Obfuscation

Data masking or obfuscation to ensure privacy.

Data Generation

Data generation for development and testing purposes.

Data Mapping

Data mapping from the source model(s) to target domain model.

Data Management Implementation Methods

  • Two-way encryption
  • ER models, detailed documentation