Case Studies

Menerva Software’s retail analytics solutions empower retailers to manage, optimize, and customize their inventory, store-shelves, marketing etc. with data-driven insights. There are several use cases where retailers can use their business data to maximize profits and increase both their customer base and the return on their business investment.

Use Cases for Retail

Custom Store-health Dashboard

Web dashboards that track all the key parameters which indicate how well your store is performing

Demand Forecasting

Predict the consumer demand for your products and services in the different markets you operate

Customer Segmentation

Target customers and micro-segments to drive increases in traffic, sales, profit and retention

Manage Customer Churn

Monitor and manage customer attrition and retention trends

Inventory Management

Optimized inventory management for improved cash flows and revenue growth

Market Basket Analysis & Trends

Find out the association between the items in a basket and plan your product promotions

Optimal Planogram

Find out the optimal shelf layout for your store that supports your customer interests and sales

Purchase Behavior

Track past customer purchase behavior and predict future buying patterns

Customer Lifetime Value Forecast

Know your customer’s future purchasing behavior and the profit associated with each of them

Forecasting Stock-outs

Manage your stock across stores. Never run into an out-of-stock situation ever

Assortment Planning

Plan, align and define your localized assortments based on your financial objective

Shrinkage Analytics

Monitor and control your loss of inventory through shrinkage

Cross-sell / Up-sell

Discover and take advantage of cross-sell / up-sell opportunities

Category Management

Let sales patterns predict the kind of product mix your customers like, what stays and what goes

Personalized Communication

Enables you to run marketing campaigns and promotions based on customer preferences

Common Industry Challenges

Business Goal - Maximize Profits


Focus: Merchandising

Key Business Questions

  • Which items are getting the most traffic, sales and revenue?
  • Which are the most profitable items in the store?
  • Which items are the least bought, and taking up unnecessary shelf space?
  • Is there a seasonality trend in the above?
  • Which group of items/baskets are being purchased together (Market basket analysis)?
  • Which are the most profitable baskets in the store?

Problems Addressed by Data

  • Provides insights on items the store owner should stock in the coming months based on the merchandising flow.
  • Best ways to optimize the merchandising to
    • Minimize running out of stock on popular items
    • Minimize dump

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Focus: Marketing

Key Business Questions

  • Which items/basket of items are we selling and to whom and when?
  • Customer segmentation by demographics, OR Median amount spent/visit and other factors
  • Which are the most preferred items for a given customer or a customer segment?
  • How can we leverage social media data to study the external public perception of popular products, so we can plan effectively for the next promotion or even product to launch?

Problems Addressed by Data

  • Provides insights on items the store owner can sell/market to a customer, based on the customer’s purchase history.

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Focus: Supply Chain Management

Key Business Questions

  • For each SKU and its vendor – How often are we ordering the SKU from its vendor?
    • At what time does this happen in a SKU’s sales cycle?
    • Does this happen before or after stock-outs?
  • Based on the earlier analysis, can we identify vendors from whom we are buying too early, too late or optimally?

Problems Addressed by Data

  • Provides insights on items to be reordered from vendors such that it minimizes stockout and dump for a popular item.

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Case Studies