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Analytics As A Service – Our Implementation Process

Our Analytics as a Service Implementation Process

Menerva Software offers (AaaS) Analytics as a Service to startups, small and medium businesses and enterprises with big or small data sizes and requirements.

We believe our most meaningful value-add for companies who are looking to harness the power of data analytics is our detail-oriented and strategic implementation process which allows us to provide timely, cost-effective and custom solutions suited for an organization’s specific needs.

During the data journey with our clients, we came across some of the common challenges that most of them were facing:

  • Solution providers were taking too long to answer the business questions, by which time the questions were no longer relevant.

  • Solutions offered were so expensive that the return on investment wasn’t looking attractive any longer.

  • Solutions that do not really scale and are mostly at best proof-of-concept grade.

Our (AaaS) Analytics as a Service implementation process successfully addressed these challenges and resolved them.

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