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Abstract Background

Optimizing Source To Customer Relationships And Managing Discount Pricing


A food retail distributor

Business Challenge

Our client, a food retail distributor is in the business of distributing goods from multiple farms to multiple customers, who may be groceries, restaurants or other consumer channels.

They wanted some key business questions about revenue, profits and customer specific discounts addressed with respect to the source to customer distribution network that they were managing.


The information provided allowed the client to make important business decisions based on which customers were profitable, deserved their discount and which products were performing increasingly well over the years and so on.


Menerva analyzed the client’s data that spanned multiple years by beginning with a single version of truth from their composite data sets.

All of the queries were addressed via adhoc querying of the consolidated data set. The answers to the queries were presented in a final presentation supplemented with recommendations, observations and suggestions we gleaned from the insights. Excel workbooks that used pivot tables allowing the client to slice and dice the data were also provided.

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