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Abstract Background

Visualizing A Model’s Output And Customizing It For Each Client


A financial services company

Business Challenge

Our client, a financial services company, had a proprietary model that used deterministic and statistical algorithms and a set of five areas to assess and compute a performance score for each of their business clients. This score was then utilized to drive financial decisions for the client.

The challenge with their existing process state was that it was a manual assessment that led to recalculations every quarter for every client in a sequential manner. Subsequently, the final report delivered to each client was a laborious and time-consuming process.


  • Elimination of the manual score computation and automating the process such that the score was computed simultaneously for all the clients, thus avoiding delays due to manual score calculation.

  • Generation and presentation of the final reports in a timely and consistent manner to all the clients, again at the same time, thus avoiding delays due to manual report creation.


Menerva implemented a backend engine that automated the performance score computation periodically.

For the final report, a web portal deployed to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was implemented that clients could log into to view their overall performance, insights and next steps for better financial success. The backend was implemented using NodeJS and the frontend using AngularJS. For the visualizations on the dashboard, D3JS was used.

An additional feature that was implemented allowed the portal to be customized for each client -from their logo, to the colors and layout of the visualizations to make it more appealing and client focused.

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Process Automation

From 4hrs to under 2 secs

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