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Abstract Background

Microservices Based Implementation For E-Commerce


A Fortune 50 consumer goods corporation

Business Challenge

Our client, a Fortune 50 Consumer Goods company wanted to implement a prototype to support functionality for an e-commerce use case that implemented a microservices based real-time streaming system using open source technologies from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem they had shortlisted.


The prototype provided the client with a clear picture and gave sufficient information for them to decide on their path forward. That is, either decide to continue with the chosen technology or opt for alternative technologies for their specific use cases and needs.


Menerva analyzed the use cases, created the solutions approach and implemented a microservices based solution that processed incoming data in an ongoing manner. The processed data was then converted to insights that were exposed via REST APIs.

The implementation was coded using Java and leveraged the open source technologies shortlisted from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

Following the implementation of the prototype and testing it for scale, Menerva published their findings as a final deliverable for use by their client to proceed with the said technologies for their use cases.

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