Want to triple productivity, reduce costs by 70%, and make actionable decisions for the future of your business based on data instead of guesswork?

Costs by 70%

That’s where we come in.

We're Menerva Software

We’re your team’s new Data Expert

We work with you to understand your business’ unique needs. We then create custom software that integrates seamlessly into your business and scales as you do.
We handle the tech and analytics for you, so you can do what you do best - run your company.

Stop juggling software subscriptions

If you’re like most of our clients, you run your business with several software subscriptions. Without a single hub organizing all your data, it’s nearly impossible to make calculated business decisions.
Why not get one central solution that scales with your company, instead?

How we work for you

Get clear data displays for
instant business insight

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to use our software. We transform your data into easy-to-understand displays that instantly give you the insights you need.

We believe in transparency
at every step

We scope out your project, with small, measurable goals for each stage of your project, from basic data organization to advanced data prediction.

Stress-free Automation to
drive your decisions

We build you a scalable, custom SaaS solution that gathers and organizes your data automatically.

What we do for you


In the descriptive phase, we organize your data into simple, beautifully visual reports that allow you to see insights at a glance.


In the exploratory phase, you can dig deeper into your data by asking questions and seeing statistical analysis.


In the predictive stage, your data is organized using Al to allow you to make reliable forecasts based on past performance.


In the final prescriptive phase, we use Al and forecasting to offer decision trees that help consider your next steps and decisions.

What our clients say about us

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